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the passage of time

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe passage of timethe passage of timePASS/TIME PASSINGthe passing of time With the passage of time, things began to look more hopeful. passage
Examples from the Corpus
the passage of timeThey are lonely, sitting in quiet living rooms with clocks that loudly announce the passage of time with each tick.Under these circumstances the future details of a transaction can be settled only when uncertainty is resolved by the passage of time.She knew she ought to report the death, but felt she could not because of the passage of time.We were oblivious of the passage of time.Increased and improved communication plus the passage of time and more frequent face-to-face contacts should greatly improve understanding.Quite simply, the passage of time and new techniques had taken their toll.This balance changes with the passage of time as experience fashions these blueprints into more serviceable guides.If anything, fashion is moving closer to the context of his style with the passage of time.
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