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the ... Plate

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe ... Platethe ... Plateused in the names of sports competitions or races in which the winner gets a silver plate This horse won the Galway Plate. plate
Examples from the Corpus
the ... PlateShe had put the glass plates on a green wicker table, with a sprinkle of white lace cloth.The plates of the ventral interradial areas are not as coarse as those on the dorsal surface.The dorsal arm plates are triangular and separated.The ventral arm plates are an irregular pentagonal or hexagonal shape, often keeled, with the distal edge sometimes indented.This would not have served for vaults, and the stamped lead plate remained the more usual item in such instances.He also believes the plate should be a little wider to account for today's stronger batters.Marquis Grissom already had committed himself and was dashing for the plate.
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