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the point

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe pointthe pointMEANINGthe most important fact or idea The point is, at least we’re all safely back home. Nobody knows exactly how it works. That’s the whole point. He may not have stolen the money himself, but that’s not the point. I wish you’d get to the point (=talk about the most important thing). I’ll come straight to the point (=talk about the most important thing first). I need to find out who killed Alf, and more to the point (=what is more important) I need to do it before anyone else gets killed. We all like him, but that’s beside the point (=not the most important thing). I think you’ve missed the point (=you have not understood the most important thing). point
Examples from the Corpus
The point isThe point is you've got to get some kind of job.Observation is an intelligent activity of bringing concepts to bear. The point is potentially radical.The point isn't to be beautiful. The point is to be yourself.He saved their letters. The point is they are out there and willing to reply.Which side is right? The point is of course that the puzzle itself is false in setting up an impossible situation.To act as secretary. The point is, he's engaged to be married.No doubt anybody who has ever been abroad could match that. The point is, it could not happen here.
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