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the political/international/public etc arena

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe political/international/public etc arenathe political/international/public etc arenaDOall the activities and people connected with politics, public life etc Women are entering the political arena in larger numbers. American economic activity in the international arena arena
Examples from the Corpus
the political/international/public etc arenaAnother possible problem could emerge from the political arena.The assessment of basic expenditure needs should urgently be removed from the political arena.Television's response to the struggle around Clause 28 reflected the status the campaign achieved in the political arena.He would therefore argue that conventions are established by their acceptance by those who participate in the political arena.They do have a place in the political arena.Moreover, the law is only one method of control over what is placed in the public arena.Similarly in the international arena, an emasculated politics is incapable of sustaining an effective national defense.
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