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the population/public/society/world etc at large

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe population/public/society/world etc at largethe population/public/society/world etc at largeIN GENERALpeople in general The chemical pollution poses a threat to the population at large. large
Examples from the Corpus
the population/public/society/world etc at largeEqually important is how a baby communicates back to caregivers and the world at large.How then did this concept originate, and why has it received such currency among specialists and the public at large?However, in spite of that, the availability both here and in Britain should be known to the public at large.I came and looked around and felt this campus is no different than the society at large.In some societies the boy-preferring habit seems to have spread from elites to the society at large.The rise of the Internet has taken that idea from offices to the world at large.They chattered on among themselves, oblivious to the world at large, lovingly cared for in this cozy place.
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