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the post

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe postthe postBritish EnglishTCMLETTER the official system for carrying letters, packages etc from one place to another syn mailby post The winners will be notified by post.in the post Your letter must have got lost in the post. I’ll put a copy of the book in the post (=send it).through the post A parcel arrived through the post. post
Examples from the Corpus
through the postHampshire were criticised by police after asking applicants for Benson & Hedges Cup final tickets to send blank cheques through the post.If exchanging contracts through the post and dealing with a sale and purchase, the steps must be carefully synchronised.I bought a worm culture through the post some five years ago.The Trust is well aware of the undesirability of sending too many offers to members through the post.Only 2 percent would choose to buy a policy through the post, while 26 percent opted for the broker route.It's being sent out to the public through the post with no attempt to spare her pride or hide her name.Documentation is sent through the post when the software is downloaded.Provided there's nothing visibly offensive on the cover, it's not illegal to send catalogues like this through the post.
the postthe post (also the finishing post)DSH the place where a race finishes, especially a horse race Mr Magic was first past the post. post
Examples from the Corpus
past the postEleven minutes later Andrew McBride saw his set piece effort deflected past the post by a defender's stick.One goes to elect a member of parliament on a first past the post, single member constituency basis.And even when the festival's over all eyes will be on Cheltenham to see who is first past the post.But in the second half, Newcastle were first past the post.Wolfhound, their second representative yesterday, was fourth past the post although later promoted a place.The midfielder's dangerous cross was put just past the post by defender Andrius Skerla with Larsson waiting to pounce.A narrow river, little more than a stream, lapsed gently over its stones past the post office.