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the present day

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe present daythe present day (also the present) in the time now, or modern times The practice has continued from medieval times to the present day. present
Examples from the Corpus
the present dayTraditional Indian pottery designs are still used in the present day.Oh, what a lesson to the world it is, even at the present day!The strict settlement method is rarely used at the present day.Cheque Thanks to the generosity of the Order the centre is ready to meet those needs in the present day and age.This has continued in use to the present day and carries a vast traffic between Oxford and Coventry and Birmingham.They are ill-adapted, obviously, to the present day: but they survive in isolated areas.It is certainly the case that sentencing practice to the present day has manifested an uneasy and uneven relationship between the two.Music since 1945 A survey of the principal technical and aesthetic trends in music to the present day, including electro-acoustic music.
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