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the pride of something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe pride of somethingthe pride of somethinga) PROUDthe thing or person that the people in a particular place are most proud of Wigan’s rugby team was the pride of the town. b) BESTthe best thing in a group a beautiful Japanese sword that is the pride of our collection pride
Examples from the Corpus
the pride of somethingBut the pride of Yorkshire sit just three points ahead of their Selhurst Park conquerors and on an accelerating downward spiral.Chinatown unfolds as a movie about pride, especially the pride of knowing.He could not understand the familiarity of the elderly stranger, who gazed at him with the pride of a long-lost brother.Bolton's famous football team was the pride of the town.He made it seem easy - that was different: that was the pride of the macho Valley rugby player.The Mary Rose, which was the pride of Henry VIII's fleet, sank on her maiden voyage.Yet the pride of the Gezira was its turf.
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