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the (privileged/chosen) few

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe (privileged/chosen) fewthe (privileged/chosen) fewthe small number of people who are treated better than others and have special advantages Such information is made available only to the chosen few. The needs of the many have been ignored – instead, the priority has been to bring benefits only to the few. few
Examples from the Corpus
the (privileged/chosen) fewDate palms are one of the few fruit trees that can be safely transplanted at full maturity.A decade ago this was Checkpoint Charlie, one of the few gaps in an otherwise impenetrable barrier a hundred miles long.The major drawback for all immigrant firms has been the difficulty in recruiting the few highly skilled key workers essential to production.Stirling sensibly argued that it was illogical to form two new battalions when the few men he required were being denied him.Hundreds of people could be seen walking along the roadside or waiting patiently for the few overcrowded buses.I had underlined the few shady connections which made it into the open.But then Jeffries said that that article was one of the few that had examined his ideas on the merits.
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