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the product of something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe product of somethingthe product of somethinga) if someone is the product of a particular background or experience, their character is typical of that background or the result of that experience Paula was the product of a sheltered middle-class home. b) if something is the product of a particular situation, process etc, it is the result of that situation or process The report was the product of four years’ hard work. product
Examples from the Corpus
the product of somethingBoth programs are the product of congresses dominated by Democratic liberals, with little help from Republicans.What must follow from them may eventually appear to be the product of state legislatures.Rather, a spoiled child is the product of parents who have difficulty saying no and meaning it.Mysticism is the product of those who fail to understand, the substitute for comprehension and the margarine of philosophy.A., Miss B., etc.-is merely the product of imagination: our imagination about ourselves.How much of that gain was the product of newly fired-up managers?Their relative ineffectiveness, however, was the product of an inability to resolve several cultural and economic dilemmas.It was the product of the experience of workers themselves.
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