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the public sector

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe public sectorthe public sectorPGPUBLIC/GOVERNMENTthe industries and services in a country that are owned and run by the governmentthe private sectorin the public sector a job in the public sector public sector workers public sector housing public sector
Examples from the Corpus
in the public sectorDecentralisation Finally we need to spend some time considering the role of decentralised administration in the public sector.In the 1980s Conservatives have been more likely to evaluate the mediating institutions according to whether or not they are in the public sector.This resulted in a marked reduction in the construction of dwellings in the public sector.Many difficulties faced in the public sector will stem from the formal, hierarchical structure within which such relationships take place.a job in the public sectorLast year, it won large outsourcing contracts worth more than Pounds 700m-mostly in the public sector.Will those relying on the home market, particularly in the public sector, be ready to face the new competition?Some activities of government must always be provided in the public sector.In 1979,32 percent of dwellings in Great Britain were in the public sector.
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