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the purse strings

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe purse stringsthe purse stringsBFCONTROLused to refer to the control of spending in a family, company, country etchold/control the purse strings It all comes down to who holds the purse strings. She keeps tight control over the purse strings. purse
Examples from the Corpus
the purse stringsWhy, for instance, does Dahlia continue to control the purse strings after Ella is revealed as the rightful heir?The same hopes as any other pensioner, unless of course that pensioner happens to hold the purse strings.The Government have no intention of giving power to anyone except those who hold the purse strings.Nevertheless, the purse strings have been loosened sufficiently to provide a palatable enough feast.This means restraint in public spending and holding back the natural enthusiasm of a clutch of new ministers to open the purse strings.One of Syl's ways of expressing displeasure was by tightening the purse strings.Now local transportation agencies decide where the purse strings.
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