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the rains

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe rainsthe rainsDNHEMheavy rain that falls during a particular period in the year in tropical countriesmonsoon Last year, the rains came on time in April. rain
Examples from the Corpus
the rainsThe rains have started early this year.Fifteen minutes after the rains began, according to equatorial form, the sky had cleared and we were steaming dry.After the rains, sewage flows down fissured hills propped up with old tires for erosion control.One day, the rains came, flooding the city in warm, wet torrents.The remaining 200 to 300 acres will be restored to seasonal wetlands, which fill with freshwater ponds during the rains.He can predict the exact hour the rains will come.Profits from it will go to local farmers who have been unable to make a living since the rains failed.Coupled with this, the rains eventually did come.When the rains came, they huddled under umbrellas and makeshift tents and donned ponchos or raincoats fashioned from plastic garbage bags.
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