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the rape of something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe rape of somethingthe rape of somethingthe unnecessary destruction of something, especially the environment companies which profit from the rape of the Earth rape
Examples from the Corpus
the rape of somethingThe Romans celebrated the rape of the Sabine Women by Romulus and his men.Many people I know deplore the digging of these cant quarries and call them ugly eyesores and the rape of the country.He gave a ten-year prison sentence for this as opposed to two years for one of the rapes of women.A matter of murder-more than one murder, highway robbery and probably the rape of a young girl too.This, though less hazardous than the rape of Persephone, was perilous enough to satisfy the most ambitious.Arrest over teenage rape A man has been arrested in connection with the rape of a teenager in Essex.Williams was keenly aware of what was happening with the rapes of black women and lynchings of black men.
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