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the ravages of something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe ravages of somethingthe ravages of something literaryDAMAGEthe damage caused by something a building that has survived the ravages of time the ravages of war ravages
Examples from the Corpus
the ravages of somethingIts dreamlike construction of our sceptred isle as an ethnically purified one provides a special comfort against the ravages of decline.Quarterback John Elway, 36, continues to defy the ravages of time.I had to make up for the ravages of time.Not even the quest for scientific knowledge is immune from the ravages of extremists in the environmental movement.For a long time now, he has appeared indifferent to the ravages of his problem.His skin was unmarked, unlined; the flesh of youth, untouched by time or the ravages of experience.She was beautiful - painfully thin, but beautiful, even with the ravages of drug abuse drawing her face.Benedict was near thirty, and yet his face and form had withstood the ravages of time and circumstance.
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