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the Restoration

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe Restorationthe RestorationSHthe return of Charles II as king of England in 1660, and the period afterwardsRestoration comedy/drama (=plays written during this time in England) restoration
Examples from the Corpus
the RestorationBut he accepted the Restoration, though striving in the Convention to ensure a moderate religious settlement.After the Restoration Worsley was inhibited from his more radical schemes for social and religious reform.Protesters called for the dismissal of President Carlos Andrés Pérez and the restoration of certain liberties, in particular the right to demonstrate.Wealthy people buy the houses from the Trust, employ builders to do the restoration and move in when all is ready.It is only from the Restoration that we find surviving examples of statues in National Trust gardens.If he is interested, I back the concept of the restoration of the Stormont parliament with members elected by proportional representation.
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