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the right/somebody’s right

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe right/somebody’s rightthe right/somebody’s rightthe side of your body that has the hand that most people write with, or this side of anything else opp lefton/to the right (of something) Our car is just to the right of that white van. Take the first turning on the right.on/to somebody’s right The school is on your right as you come into the village. right
Examples from the Corpus
on/to the right (of something)The policies in train are on the right lines.If you get off at the wrong station, ask a station attendant how to get to the right platform.A guy from our squad got on the right side, and I got on the left side.Bush's initial response has been to lurch to the right.Both cells will see movement to the right but the direction seen will vary by 90 degrees.Maybe I should move over to the left a little or to the right.Follow on between two fences with lichen-encrusted hawthorn trees on the right.
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