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the right/the Right

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe right/the Rightthe right/the Rightpolitical parties or groups that support the ideas and beliefs of capitalism. They usually want low taxes and to encourage private business rather than businesses owned by the state opp leftright-wing The campaign is being supported by the Right. The Conservative Party seems to be moving even further to the right.extreme/far right politicians on the extreme right right
Examples from the Corpus
extreme/far rightThe Hunt saboteurs bar extreme right sympathisers from its organisation.The vote for the extreme right is depressing, but not the beginning of a trend, let alone das End.There are four principal theories used to account for the failure of the extreme right in Britain.The basic tenor of the publications of the extreme Right has scarcely altered since that date.The large mill owner's house is on the extreme right.The good tee shot was played to the far right of the fairway to set up a second shot to the left.Paradoxically, the other major beneficiary from apparent disillusion with the established parties was the far right Front national.