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the run-up to something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe run-up to somethingthe run-up to somethingBEFOREthe period of time just before an important event in the run-up to the election run-up
Examples from the Corpus
the run-up to somethingDoubts about Mr Hague's longevity are not new, but are increasingly damaging in the run-up to an election.Sheila Geddes, Sid Clarke and all the others who had contributed their efforts in the run-up to the launch.The three are fighting over control of the provincial assemblies, which will be important in the run-up to the election.Competition has hit a new high with many attractive offers in the run-up to Christmas.Despite medical advice about sensible drinking, many people still over-indulge, particularly in the run-up to Christmas and the New Year.Recently, they developed a roll of film found in Paul's old camera, taken in the run-up to the fighting.It said that in the run-up to an election, it would comment on planning opportunities based on pronouncements by political parties.In the run-up to Christmas, their games are selling faster than ever.These performances are part of the run-up to the Center's anniversary celebrations.
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