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the Sacrament

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe Sacramentthe SacramentRRCthe bread and wine that are eaten at communion (=an important Christian ceremony) sacrament
Examples from the Corpus
the SacramentIn time, the self-denying monks gathered for worship and the sacrament of communion.During the feed-back session, it was clear that the parishes approached the sacrament of baptism in many, different ways.It is the sign of our redeemed and forgiven sin in being the sacrament of our unity in love.Likewise, a peek at a window framed by title bar and scroll bars is enough to evoke the sacraments of Mac.Grace, the sacraments, the church is divine, Our Lady, the saints, etc.When Ambrose heard of this he excommunicated Theodosius and refused to give him the sacraments until he had done public penance.He could never be happy with morning prayer and not the sacrament as the chief morning service.He was a high churchman for whom the sacrament of holy communion was the supreme moment of worship.
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