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the scientific method

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe scientific methodthe scientific methodthe usual process of finding out information in science, which involves testing your ideas by performing experiments and making decisions based on the results scientific
Examples from the Corpus
the scientific methodA third criticism is that the analysis of politics can not be objective in the way assumed by the scientific method.Let us briefly consider how you might analyze this claim by means of the scientific method.They solved them by the scientific method.It might be argued that this problem regarding interpersonal differences underscores the virtue of the scientific method, at least in theory.A fourth criticism faults the scientific method, because it does not help answer the crucial normative questions of politics.The main differences between specialists studying different types of finds is in the scientific methods of analysis available.As criticism is the backbone of the scientific method, this accounts for the indentations permanently sunk into my chest.Minerva should take the scientific methods used in papers into consideration.
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