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the services

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe servicesthe servicesBritish English, the service American EnglishPMARMY a country’s military forces, especially considered as a jobjoin/go into the services Maybe you should join the services. Her son is in the services. service
Examples from the Corpus
the servicesCamp Lejune was the first place I was stationed when I was in the service.He also has aggressively addressed the frontline level, where the products get built and the services performed.The profits and the services were the same.Local schools were to be free to buy in the services of private organisations to inspect their standards.The family has a tradition of going into the services.She has decided that she and I will offer our services as stewards for one of the services.Most of those companies also subscribe to the services.At our insurance company, we do our best to provide you with the services that will meet your needs.These circumstances should not justify the landlord in withholding the services.
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