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the sign of the Cross

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe sign of the Crossthe sign of the CrossRRCSIGN/GESTUREthe hand movement that some Christians make in the shape of a cross, to show respect for God or to protect themselves from evil sign
Examples from the Corpus
the sign of the CrossSurreptitiously, her hand hidden within the furry confines of her muff, Anne made the sign of the cross.He made the sign of the cross and knocked.As she made the sign of the cross he spoke in loud and solemn tones.He began mumbling in Latin, and attempted to make the sign of the Cross.She is best remembered for extinguishing a blazing fire by making the sign of the cross.I was bowing low, making quickly, very quickly, the sign of the cross.Athelstan sketched the sign of the cross above the corpse and sprinkled it with the Asperges rod.Take the sign of the cross.
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