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the small/fine print

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe small/fine printthe small/fine printDETAILthe details of a legal document, which are often printed in very small writing Always read the small print before signing anything. print
Examples from the Corpus
the small/fine printIt ought to be the fine print, not the screaming headline.New formulae claim anything from 15 to 24 hours' efficacy, so check the small print on the pack!He starts to read one, clearly hoping to find the answer in the small print.His agent was sorting out the fine print.You submit your offer on Form 656, but read the fine print on the back.But trading standards officers and the Consumers' Association are warning customers to scrutinise the small print.It is the broker's job to make sure the haulier fully understands the small print of the exemption and other clauses.
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