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the Smoke

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe Smokethe SmokeBritish EnglishTOWN old-fashioned informal London or any large town or city smoke
Examples from the Corpus
the SmokeWe tried the smoked salmon cakes and the fried ravioli, and found both to be wonderful.I fumbled for my seat belts, but the smoke surrounding us made me realize that there was no time.Now the smoke has blown away.At the barbecue you get to taste some of the smoke you have smelled all day.She says the smoke in the pub's not good for it.Sometimes, even, we can step out the front door and smell the smoke, see the flames.They told me that sometimes the smoke is so dense, they pass out.It was the smoke, an autopsy revealed, that killed Evan, not injuries from the crash.
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