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the something of choice

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe something of choicethe something of choicePREFERthe thing of choice is the one that people prefer to use It is the drug of choice for this type of illness. choice
Examples from the Corpus
the something of choiceIn Iowa, for generations, high school girls' basketball has been the entertainment of choice.A 24-or 72-hour fecal specimen should be collected; the latter being the specimen of choice.Currently, the application of choice among the cable and telecom providers who are developing the infrastructure is video on-demand.It would give the viewer freedom of choice, even if that freedom was not extended to the broadcasters.Many people would like to have the same kind of choice when dining out.This is not, I suspect, the most obvious of choices, so perhaps some explanation is necessary.Yet in a very real way, we all owe our existence to the absence of choice available to our ancestors.For four hundred years after this formulation, mercury was the main drug of choice in the treatment of syphilis.
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