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the something of your choice

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe something of your choicethe something of your choiceCHOOSEthe person or thing of your choice is the one that you would most like to choose My children cannot go to the school of their choice. choice
Examples from the Corpus
the something of your choiceThe nature of his choice or the terms in which it is expressed may then tip the balance.The significance of their choice has surprised everyone, including the man they have rejected.Refer to symbols for full list of available facilities, then contact the Hotel of your choice.In discussing the team of my choice, I made sure to highlight these factors.Wilken said voters' First Amendment right to pick the candidate of their choice was hampered.Even those who want nothing are still using their deep pockets to promote the party of their choice.When he enters Cambridge, Sir Hugo gives him freedom to pursue the studies of his choice.Most applicants lived close to the university of their choice.
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