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the south

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe souththe southSGthe southern part of a country or areain the south They lived in a small town in the south.the south of the south of India south
Examples from the Corpus
south ofIn terms of military conquest, a considerable difference existed between the conditions encountered in the north and the south of Siberia.The illegal settlement housed some 30,000 displaced people, mainly from the south of the country.But there was nothing unreal about the colonial town of 200,000 in the south of the country.A purely urban river, rising in the south of the city ... flowing through the centre into the main river.It starts in the south of Buckinghamshire and ends 6 miles north of the Grange.Then to the south of the route you travel through Halvergate Marshes, land reclaimed from the sea.We set off for a five mile run in the woods to the south of the camp.
the Souththe Southa) the southeastern states of the US, used especially when talking about politics or history. When people in the US talk about the South, they mean the states that were originally part of the Confederacy during the Civil War. The economy of these states was based on slavery, and after slavery was officially ended in 1863, most Southern states made laws that were unfair to black people or separated them from white people. Today, people think of the South as a place where people are more conservative (=not wanting changes) than in other parts of the US. Deep South, the b) the southern part of England. The South of England, especially the area around London is generally considered to be richer than the rest of the UK, and a more expensive place to live. c) the poorer countries of the southern parts of the world, including most of Africa, parts of Central and South America, and parts of southern Asia South
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