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the stalls

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe stallsthe stallsBritish EnglishAPT the seats on the main level of a theatre or cinema a good seat in the front row of the stalls stall
Examples from the Corpus
the stallsThe horse fair had been abandoned, the stalls cleared and the shops deserted.Before the lights went down I saw that some one below in the stalls was trying to catch my attention.This is so with the statement that he hoped for a seat in the stalls for under £10.If I was 12 years old I'd be squealing in the stalls as well.A gargantuan Teddy boy was standing in the stalls, looking down at his feet.In the stalls Timothy Gedge sat three rows behind the children from Sea House, with the carrier-bag by his feet.He and April, Maggie's mum, had done a great deal of their courting in the back seats of the stalls.Sandi spied the stalls in an adjoining room and hurried into one, releasing her bladder.
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