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the stand

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe standthe standSCTa witness box Will the next witness please take the stand (=go into the witness box)? stand
Examples from the Corpus
take the standFlammer, 24, took the stand to authenticate his pictures Tuesday.Drew once again took the stand, and he was once again questioned about his movements on 22 June.And Bill was shocked to see her agent take the stand, saying that he had opposed the marriage to Bill.But the worst day of all was the day that Bill took the stand himself.When he took the stand, King admitted the rider to the contract was phony but denied responsibility and blamed co-workers.It was for that reason that I took the stand I did, and put forward the views that I did.On Monday, Lieutenant Richards will take the stand.Having announced that it would take the stand, however, the department feared the consequences of backing down.
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