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the States

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe Statesthe StatesspokenPG a word meaning the US, used especially by someone when they are outside the US Which part of the States would you suggest I visit? state
Examples from the Corpus
the StatesOne of my magazines in the States has been following up rumours about the Josephs.Do you know that two-thirds of obstetricians in the States have been sued at least once in their lives?In the congressional debates, the battle lines closely conformed to the resolutions passed in the states.They should only air them in the states that were the true battle-ground states at that point.I dread going back to the States.By the time he returned to the States, the twentieth century had dawned, and Otis was utterly unprepared for it.As an alternative to this bloc policy Khrushchev offered to conclude treaties of non-aggression and friendship with the states concerned.