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the sum of something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe sum of somethingthe sum of somethingHMthe total produced when you add two or more numbers or amounts together You will have to pay the sum of the two sets of costs. sum
Examples from the Corpus
the sum of somethingThe final score of a strategy was the sum of the points it gained against all the other strategies.It is computed as the sum of the values divided by the number of observations.The difference between the sums of money in the different bands that people will have to pay is relatively small.An organism's phenotype was thus believed to be almost entirely accounted for by the sum of these two apparently independent variables.That is, that line which minimizes the sum of squared deviations from the line. 4.The national figures, after all, represent the sum of all the varied influences on productivity, good and bad.This is simply the sum of the distances between the corresponding end-points of the actual and hypothesized word durations.But the whole doesn't always add up to the sum of its mostly clever parts.
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