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the tail end of something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe tail end of somethingthe tail end of somethingBACK OF somethingthe last part of an event, situation, or period of time tail
Examples from the Corpus
the tail end of somethingAt the tail end of the nineteenth century, the Viennese politician Karl Lueger founded his power base on an anti-semitic platform.I did catch the tail end of them in my youth.Chapter 5 Saturday morning dawned late for me, and I just caught the tail end of Sport on Four.They burst out into the tail end of the night.But this is the tail end of a really big set of stories about royal marriages.It had been a bumpy ride, through the tail end of a thunderstorm.I tie my next colour on to the tail end of the first yarn and pull it straight through.It was the tail end of the season and there was no time for a full-scale tour.
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