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the tarmac

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe tarmacthe tarmac trademarkTTAan area covered with tarmac outside airport buildingson the tarmac Journalists waited on the tarmac to question him. tarmac
Examples from the Corpus
on the tarmacThere was a pool of blood on the tarmac now, around his head.There was a flustered conference on the tarmac between two groups of officials.That is, until camera crews on the tarmac turned their lenses to them.Bike and biker parted company and, some slow-motion seconds later, my two front teeth touched down on the tarmac.And that was when she hit a wet patch on the tarmac and felt the car go out of control.There are five hundred planes on the tarmac, all ready for the big take-off.A ground party was immediately organised to manhandle the aircraft on to sheets of corrugated iron positioned on the tarmac.Three hours later, the plane was still sitting on the tarmac.A Maypole sprung up and the displaced tuff was unfurled on the tarmac road.
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