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the terraces

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe terracesthe terraces[plural] British EnglishDSF the wide steps that the people watching a football match can stand on terrace
Examples from the Corpus
the terracesOur settings are classrooms and the terraces of football grounds.Admittedly, ticket prices for the terraces will be about a third higher than in Schalke's old ground.The notion of careers is, of course, only one aspect of order on the terraces.I was surrounded on the terraces by compatriots I wanted to disown.Now the people are taking their revenge.. No trouble on the terraces.He had the choice of half-a-dozen alleys which led off the main street and climbed to the terraces.Chanting, taking territory and violence have extended the contest of the game on to the terraces.It took an hour and a half to descend to the hamlet on foot, using the terraces as switchbacks.
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