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the thing about/with somebody/something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe thing about/with somebody/somethingthe thing about/with somebody/somethingPROBLEMused to say what the problem with someone or something is The thing about talk shows is that you never know how they will turn out. thing
Examples from the Corpus
the thing about/with somebody/somethingI knew all the things about it that are unique.Yes, will is the thing with Seve.The strength of our feelings is one of the things about women that most unnerve men.That was one of the things with black and white, the shadows, the dimension that you can get.As usual Eva entered into the spirit of the thing with energy and determination.She had shredded the thing with her hips.Power: that was the thing about magic.That was the thing about Alice: she saw my life before I did.
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