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the throne

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe thronethe thronePGthe position and power of being a king or queen He is next in line to the throne (=will become king when the present ruler dies). In 1913, George V was on the throne (=was ruling). throne
Examples from the Corpus
on the throneBy 2002, the Queen will have been on the throne for fifty years.The long reign of the Dragon Princes ended and their grip on the throne of the Phoenix King was lost.Whatever personal designs Robert the Bruce might have on the throne, he was unlikely to achieve them without some mutual agreement.Don't tell me you can see him on the throne.These developments concentrated enormous power in the hands of the individual on the throne.Alternatively, a more resolute and impressive personality on the throne could have upheld the statusquo.You know how it is up there on the throne of clouds occupied by the very high and mighty of communications.No one saw him; all eyes were on the throne.In 1809 he celebrated his Jubilee, fifty years on the throne.
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