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the unemployed

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe unemployedthe unemployed[plural]BE people who have no jobthe long-term unemployed (=people who have not had a job for a long time) a retraining scheme for the long-term unemployed unemployed
Examples from the Corpus
the long-term unemployedWe are making sure that employment training is making its full contribution to the aim and guarantee groups for the long-term unemployed.We will continue to finance training programmes for the long-term unemployed and those who face particular difficulties.Training for the long-term unemployed is permitted, however.Rather it reflects the creation of an even poorer group, the long-term unemployed, who have very low incomes.We will start by giving this guarantee to those groups most in need, including the long-term unemployed and single parents.Mr Lamont announced five specific initiatives designed to help those out of work re-enter the jobs market, particularly the long-term unemployed.That would be a devastating blow to the long-term unemployed.As a first step pensions and child benefit were to be raised and long-term supplementary benefit extended to the long-term unemployed.
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