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the use of something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe use of somethingthe use of somethingUSE somethingthe ability or right to use something Joe’s given me the use of his office till he gets back. He lost the use of both legs as a result of the accident. use
Examples from the Corpus
the use of somethingIndeed the Bains Report advocated the use of programme teams which cut across the traditional departmental structure of local government.Other seminars concentrated on media skills such as poster-making, writing, drama, audio cassette production and the use of newsletters.It is usually a matter of variations in the use of material, usually of the series itself.One of the greatest hazards for today's free-roaming feline is the use of rodent poisons.The descriptions above have been based on estimating and planning the use of time on the project.The rules do not prevent the use of extrinsic evidence in interpreting genuine ambiguities in the words of the contract.And if Angel did not want to become a priest, what was the use of sending him to study at Cambridge?
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