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the usual/normal/general run of something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe usual/normal/general run of somethingthe usual/normal/general run of somethingthe usual type of something The place was very different from the normal run of street cafes. run
Examples from the Corpus
the usual/normal/general run of somethingCredit taken by the general run of consumers - those not in an extremity of financial need - was not specially regulated.Anything of quality was exciting in those days, for the usual run of food was of a dullness today hardly comprehensible.It has been designed to be different from the usual run of the mill international tax conference.In the normal run of things I would have had no business there, no access.This, however, was not the normal run of things.It ought to be said that this particular extract poses more difficulties than the normal run of parish registers.What should we do when confronted with claims which are conspicuously at odds with the general run of experience?
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