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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe Venerable ...the Venerable ...a) RRCin the Church of England, the title given to an archdeacon b) RRCin the Roman Catholic religion, the title given to a dead person who is holy but not yet a saint c) in the Buddhist religion, the title given to a monk venerable
Examples from the Corpus
the Venerable ...Woolworth Corp. executives brought the curtain down Thursday on the venerable but money-losing chain of 400 five-and-dime stores.Gerrard & National, the venerable City discount house, is not easily swayed from its time-honoured customs.The body was later taken into the vestry where it and the venerable head were washed and carefully dried.Heck, even the venerable New York Times devoted substantial ink to the whole overblown affair.The battle was the venerable one of pure, formalist art versus art with a social function.In December 1994, for example, the venerable retailer had a same-store sales increase of 7. 3 percent.
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