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the voice of reason/experience etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe voice of reason/experience etcthe voice of reason/experience etcOPINIONopinions or ideas that are reasonable, based on experience etc, or someone who has these ideas Ben, as ever, has been the voice of reason throughout the whole crisis. voice
Examples from the Corpus
the voice of reason/experience etcWhereas Ian would be resourceful and brave, Barbara would be the voice of reason, relating their experiences in human terms.You could not hear the voice of reason, only the terrible curiosity, insisting that it be satisfied.Satan does not realise that real freedom is found in obeying the voice of reason.Sadly the voices of reason are overwhelmed or ignored, even though in the long-term they are safer guardians of our values.It was the voice of reason.However, while the voice of reason is presently peripheral, its steady hum may well be heard.
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