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the wee (small) hours

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe wee (small) hoursthe wee (small) hoursAmerican EnglishTMC the early hours of the morning, just after 12 oclock at night syn the small hours British English The party continued into the wee small hours. wee
Examples from the Corpus
the wee (small) hoursThe recording session extended into the wee hours.For safety, a night light comes on at the top of the stairs when some one emerges in the wee hours.Soul musicians are, by nature, nocturnal, so many of his interviews would take place in the wee hours.Their video-age medicine shows run on dozens of cable and broadcast outlets in the wee hours.We got to Sabinal in the wee hours before dawn.Where else can such a thought be debated ad nauseam into the wee hours of a boring Tuesday?An ideal adventure for beginners, this one should have you plugging away till the wee small hours of the morning.
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