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the west

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe westthe westSGthe western part of a country or area There’s a slight chance of some sunshine in the west.the west of the west of the island west
Examples from the Corpus
west ofIt's going to arrive at the west of Kisangani before tomorrow, I think.Smeared on the fishing line it apparently worked wonders in the west of Ireland.There were many more beasts on the west of the stream.This is to be found to the west of the town and starts from a point on the A.16.The headland looming ahead of us out of the growing daylight would be the one immediately to the west of the cottage.But it is to the west of the Sike on the same contour that most interest is centred.At Kingston Lisle to the west of Challow is the famous blowing stone used to call men to battle.It is located to the west of Coilsfield Mains, about 20 yards removed from the steading.
the Westthe WestSANthe western part of the world and the people that live there, especially Western Europe and North America the industrial countries of the West West
Examples from the Corpus
the WestDavid grew up in New York, but he moved to the West as soon as he graduated.
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