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the wherewithal to do something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe wherewithal to do somethingthe wherewithal to do somethingMONEYthe money, skill etc that you need in order to do something syn means Does Cath have the creative wherewithal to make it as a solo act? wherewithal
Examples from the Corpus
the wherewithal to do somethingWithout images, he said, there would not even be the wherewithal to talk about the death of images.And we were filling the orders at full retail price, which small businesses were suddenly finding the wherewithal to pay.A force of thirty-six tourists but he doubted they had the wherewithal to hold up a gas stat1on.His family didn't have the wherewithal to send him to college.None of them have the wherewithal to conceive of a Reconciliation.But because they have the wherewithal to be heard.Whereas conventional criminals lack the wherewithal to pay for being placed on probation, no such inability is true for corporations.By the end of the emancipation process, the authorities lacked the wherewithal to pay for the transference of land.Back then, I looked like some one with the wherewithal to buy things.
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