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the (whole) works

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe (whole) worksthe (whole) worksspokenALL/EVERYTHING used after mentioning several things, to emphasize that someone or something has everything you can think of The hotel had everything – sauna, swimming pool, the works. work
Examples from the Corpus
the (whole) worksSince that time the shop at the works receiving another coat of paint and final decoration.Dozens of palm trees are being planted at key intersections, and plans are in the works to improve street lighting.The plan to merge Hemlo and Battle Mountain Gold has been in the works for two years.He was an anglophile and an enthusiast of the works of Jeremy Bentham.I'd like a hot dog with ketchup, onions...the works.I run into the bathroom and floss deodorize brush spray the works the usual.And that you learn to groom Goosedown, and feed her, and take care of her tack, the whole works.Of these about 40 lived in hutted accommodation adjacent to the works, whilst the remainder lived in lodgings in the surrounding villages.When we come to the works of man, cellulose is still in the leading place.
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