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the woman/man/girl etc in your life

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe woman/man/girl etc in your lifethe woman/man/girl etc in your lifeGIRLFRIEND/BOYFRIENDthe woman or man you are married to or are having a relationship with – used especially in advertisements This is the ideal gift for the man in your life. life
Examples from the Corpus
the woman/man/girl etc in your lifeMichael: Who are the men in your life?Nevertheless, he felt abandoned and betrayed by the women in his life.To clarify things that may be confusing the men in their lives.He was a tough little kid, Esteban, the women in his life say.Was that why she found the men in her life all so boring?My doctor is the man in my life.Why was it that the men in her life seemed to have found some other woman to give them an heir?Recent books have revealed the unacknowledged literary debts that writers such as Brecht and Joyce owed to the women in their lives.
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