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the workers

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe workersthe workers[plural]CLASS IN SOCIETY the members of the working class the workers’ revolution worker
Examples from the Corpus
the workersthe workers' revolutionMy point was that they could power their way out of their problems with the latent potential among the workers.In almost all businesses and institutions, work and the workers that do it are organized ineffectively.But the workers have finally had to surrender, because there are fewer and fewer jobs.Still the previous spills of asbestos in the factory had not led to any action by the workers.Unable to get a drink, the workers were standing around in the street listening to pacifist orators.Recognizing a manoeuvre on the part of the company to avoid indemnity pay, the workers occupied the factory.The union argues that the workers deserve a greater share of Boeing's prosperity.When we looked at the weekly pay that the workers had been getting in 1980, I was astounded.