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the works

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe worksthe worksTEthe moving parts of a machine syn mechanism work
Examples from the Corpus
the worksAnd the works of Victor Hugo and Alexandre Dumas were seen as just adventure stories.The school needs new computers, calculators, chairs, cooking utensils...basically, the works.I found the works to be incomplete or inadequate, mainly from an orchestral point of view.The plan to merge Hemlo and Battle Mountain Gold has been in the works for two years.Chiron has a number of new vaccine candidates in the works.They had a poison pen in the works."What would you like on your hotdog -- mustard, ketchup, relish?" "Give me the works."In particular, they should give pupils the opportunity to gain some experience of the works of Shakespeare.He recognised the vigour that these imparted to the works of Rubens and Veronese.The defendant contended it accrued when the works were completed, in which event the action is statute-barred.
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