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the written word

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe written wordthe written wordformalWRITE writing as a way of expressing ideas, emotions etc, as opposed to speaking written
Examples from the Corpus
the written wordMillions of illiterate Americans do not have access to the written word.In fact, the 1959 Act has worked to secure a very large measure of freedom in Britain for the written word.The direct experience of oral communication was displaced by the second-hand experience of the written word.They record thoughts which apparently, at some moment in time, seemed worthy of the written word.WordPerfect word processing software handles both the written word and graphic interpretation with ease.Even readers whose knowledge of the written word comes from cereal boxes are familiar with metaphors using battlefields and quicksand.But literacy and the written word do have a part to play.Without the help of the written word, film and videotape can not portray temporal dimensions with any precision.Not only visual representation, but the written word, too, is not free of imperialism.
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